Sundance Self Storage provides self storage for Roseville, Rocklin, El Dorado Hills, Highway 65, and surround locations!

Dear Christina,

Several years ago my husband and I first rented with Sundance Storage in Roseville near the Galleria. We were seeking a storage facility for our RV. We had looked at several locations, and choose the Roseville facility because of convenience. We were very impressed with the professionalism and customer service we experienced at this facility, but when we moved to El Dorado Hills, we choose to move the vehicle due to the time and cost related to the miles between our new home and the Roseville facility.

After receiving a recommendation from another RVer about a location close to our home at a lower cost--we choose to rent a space for our RV in Cameron Park. This facility did not have video cameras, or a manager living on site. Our first year was fine, but during the second year, our RV was vandalized. The Sheriffs Deputies we spoke with indicated they felt it was someone also renting at the facility, and agreed with us that the intention was to steal the vehicle--but they had been unable to drive it away. The damage was quite severe and took us over six months to get our vehicle back in shape.

We began to look for a new facility and found quite long waiting lists at all the storage facilities near us (including yours). We decided to rent with your new Rocklin facility once it opened. Again we were met with exceptional professionalism and customer service---including easing our fears of once again having our RV vandalized. We were very pleased with the Rocklin site, although it took us approximately 50-60 minutes each way to get the RV from our home. Once you had an opening for an RV site, we were delighted to move to your location, which is only 5 to 10 minutes from our home. Our experience with you continued along the same lines as our overall experience with Sundance Storage. Both you and the Rocklin staff were efficient, professional, helpful, supportive with our relocation efforts. We are so happy to once again have the convenience of having the RV close to our home, and the security you provide allows us to feel far more relaxed about the safety/security of the RV itself.

We would appreciate it very much if you could pass along to the other site staff as well as any other appropriate persons how very pleased we are with Sundance Storage facilities.

Thank you,

Al and Linda Dixon

"To everyone at Sundance Storage,

Your girls are the most awesome people I have met and come into contact with in a long time! You all have been so kind to us all, after my brother’s death, and have been so patient and supportive that I cannot thank you all enough. I am so grateful for the way you all have treated us during all these ups and downs since my brother died! I will miss you!

-Dennis Woodin

Thank you all for such great service, professionalism and awesome customer service! You make it easier for me to do my job. I look forward to a better 2010!